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It is about the last Aztec ruler defending against the Spanish. It uses native melodies to tell the story of the first bishop of Michoacan.

Classical music in Mexico is considered one of the first contributors to the modern New World culture.

Each Hadith should be evaluated and compared with other Ahadith as well as with other historical sources.

The problem is that we usually don’t know the context of each Hadith, and it is difficult to know under what circumstances the Prophet (s.a.w) made certain statements.

That means that, far from replacing one music style with another, Mexican music incorporates previous rhythms and sounds into new ones.Today, many Mexican pop groups release songs both in Spanish and English.Mexico has produced many great operas since La Partenope was first performed in 1711.Early opera was strongly influenced by European styles.By the 19th century, Mexican composers had found their own voices in operas such as Guatimotzin.

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