Are raj and stewart dating

Sara Gilbert, who had a recurring role as Leslie Winkle in Season 1, joined the cast for the second season. John Ross Bowie has appeared as Barry Kripke, an annoying colleague of the guys, in nineteen episodes since its second season.

Raj Senani might be dating low key or may have a secret relationship with her partner, but no details have hit the web on her relationship.Howard is the only starring character who has been to the International Space Station.Along with Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, and Raj Koothrappali, Howard is one of the only characters to appear in every episode of The Big Bang Theory. Among the main male characters in the show, Howard is distinctive for being an engineer rather than a physicist and lacking a doctoral degree. is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Simon Helberg.

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Brian Thomas Smith has appeared in eight episodes as Penny's former boyfriend and one-time husband, Zack, from the third season.

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