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Prince Andrew prepares for crisis talks with royal aides.Chinese Communist official is sacked after his scorned wife caught him in bed with his ‘mistress.’ It is easy to assume this happened by chance, the way you would naturally expect. But you would be intellectually remiss if you did not recognize, that within politics is great power, great power produces great motivation, and those involved will exploit intelligence techniques.Mumps sickens hundreds of detained migrants in 19 states.Masked Antifa terrorist almost stabbed a Marine Veteran from behind in Portland.Could shifting to Yang at the last minute be their plan? Labour hard-left targets the Queen and demands an uprising at Buckingham Palace.Remainers storm MP’s office as police prepare for protests outside Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home.I assumed he wasn’t on the take by how they failed to make him sound like the second coming. And now we find that he is getting cash from all the players.

Earthquake measuring 6.4 off the coast of Oregon at a depth of 7 miles.Guy who shot Kate Steinle and was acquitted of murder, has his sole conviction for possessing a weapon thrown out on appeal, because the jury should have considered that he may have just picked the gun up off the ground when it went off. Google’s top lawyer routinely ignored company rules regarding dalliances with underlings — and pointed to the lecherous ways of top Googler Eric Schmidt to justify his philandering.Devin Nunes says, DOJ watchdog report on James Comey contains ‘evidence’ for conspiracy complaint.Crackdown in Hong Kong as three leading democracy activists arrested.Two-thirds of French citizens say they are “dissatisfied” with globalist President Emanuel Macron.

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