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In January 1960, when Wuornos was almost four years old, Diane abandoned her children, leaving them with their maternal grandparents, Lauri and Britta Wuornos (née Moilanen), who legally adopted Keith and Aileen on March 18, 1960.

at about the same time that her grandmother died of liver failure.

Also shout out to Steve Kitchen (my favorite "operator" who REALLY cleaned out the RYL facility), Jimmy Walker (of football and Lotus fame) , Carl Alexander (invaluable friend), Pete Hagert and Dawn (after work drinks at the Rod & Gun), Betty Cornwall (Rec Center director), Jim Mc Mahon (double dater), George Russell (right name?

), Ernest Stephens (beautiful wife can't remember her name).

Harr, Le Roy Meyer, David and Pat Johnson, found some of the folks from the KOTBQ that email now and [email protected] Joseph Edmunds (22/12/2017) I am a USAF veteran , and I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1992-1994.

It stars Charlize Theron as Wuornos, a performance that earned Theron an Academy Award for Best Actress.I was hoping to show my family where I spent 2 years of my Air Force life.[email protected] L Bowlby (24/11/17) Looking to see if there is any information on Morris (Mo) Ivans who was on Able Flight at RAF Chicksands 1966 - 1969.February 29, 1956 – October 9, 2002) was an American serial killer who murdered seven men in Florida between 19 by shooting them at point-blank range.[email protected] Sakakeeny (9/8/17) We are organizing a reunion for all who might have served at RAF Chicksands over the decades.If you don't find your name here, it's my poor memory.

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