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By the end of the 18th century, the indigenous population was primarily mixed race.

Following the death of their leader Satuye (Joseph Chatoyer), the Carib on Saint Vincent finally surrendered to the British in 1796 after the Second Carib War, having resisted for much longer than natives on other islands. Vincent was the last of the Windward Islands to be totally subjugated." This was also in the period of the violent slave revolts in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which ultimately led to the slaves gaining the independent republic of Haiti in 1804.

It also took over all French territory in North America east of the Mississippi River.

Through the rest of the century, the Carib-African natives mounted a series of Carib Wars, which were encouraged and supported by the French.

The French lost thousands of troops in an attempt to take back the island in 1803, many to yellow fever epidemics.

The Jesuits and the Dominicans agreed that whichever order arrived there first, would get all future parishes in that part of the island.

This authorized the capture and purchase of slaves from sub-Saharan Africa and their transportation as labor to Martinique and other parts of the French West Indies. du Parquet took over control of the island from France.

In 1650, the Company liquidated, selling Martinique to Jacques Dyel du Parquet, who became governor. As more French colonists arrived, they were attracted to the fertile area known as Cabesterre (leeward side).

The French missionary Raymond Breton arrived in the Lesser Antilles in 1635, and lived on Guadeloupe and Dominica until 1653.

He took ethnographic and linguistic notes on the native peoples of these islands, including St. According to oral history noted by the English governor William Young in 1795, Carib-speaking people of the Orinoco area on the mainland came to Saint Vincent long before the arrival of Europeans to the New World.

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Garifuna communities still live in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, however after the Carib Wars with the British and peace the treaties were made between the British and the Black Caribs, over 5000 were exiled to Honduras, with smaller populations in Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The Carib people migrated from the mainland to the islands circa 1200, according to carbon dating of artifacts.

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