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We can discuss which states currently exist in this way but there's no need; I would hope we can all think of at least three without going into such detail.Thus Stedman's article falls apart because it;s based on the Composition fallacy and Fallacy of Moderation that Atheists are a distinct group of people with the same goal, and thus should behave in a coordinated way, and that there is a middle position to be assumed by accommodating religion by "understanding" it in the same way as a theologian would.This is because Atheism is simply a position of rejection.We do not have groups mobilising to press home the point that unicorns are imaginary or that fairies are not living at the bottom of the garden (maybe I spoke too soon?All debaters that I have seen on the pious side, from all faiths, highlight this as a weakness of their Atheist counterpart.Douglas Wilson tried something similar with the late Christopher Hitchens, a man subjected to frequent criticism about his theological qualifications; William Lane Craig attempts as a routine when questioned about Richard Dawkins.

You do not need anything more than the ability to read the Bible itself. You are too young to understand sentence construction and the meaning of individual (and most likely complex) words.He then goes on to say that it should be possible to take some of the religious ideas of family, celebration, warmth etc into the secular realm.Well that would be all well and good but the celebration of the Winter Solstice preceded the Christian traditions we are now accosted with on a yearly basis.I read this article by Chris Stedman today where he makes his case that we should embrace the religious more openly and essentially tries to rally "Atheists" to his common cause of religious apologetics.Simplistic criticisms are fine; the charge that one has to be a Theologian in order to refute the myths at the core of faith is one which needs kicking into touch.

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