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Go to along with many others and you will see the same pattern emerging.

You will just have a video chat on your dating site. Your users will be able to speak with each other using headsets or USB phones. The sound is much clearer than in ordinary phone conversation. The members will be able to play nicely drawn and programmed Flash games!

Everybody is visiting social networking websites nowadays! However, things might not be exactly as easy as you might have imagined them to be! With the exception of PHPizabi and Dolphin, the majority of the other competent social networking scripts are commercial and you will have to buy them and/or pay an annual subscription fee.

At this point you might be thinking "great, where's the problem? Well, there is no problem actually; however, since you will probably pay for your script, you should better make a good choice from the beginning(unless you have unlimited money and time to try each and every script available of course! Once you have your script installed, the greatest problem you are going to face will be to actually get people to know the address of your website.

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