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Maria deposited the check and sent the money, but was soon contacted by her bank, which told her the check was bad and she had to repay the ,500.On top of losing her money, the fake “Andrew” disappeared, and Maria never heard from him again. The scammer may use photos from magazines and portray himself or herself as talented and successful. citizen working or serving abroad, or give a similar excuse to explain their inability to meet in person.A senior Sunshine Coast police detective called it "blatant stupidity" for a 60-year-old woman from Nambour to become involved in a million online love scam.But a counsellor who works with such victims on a daily basis said the scenario was "way more complex".

Yet victims all too often are willing to give away thousands of dollars and risk facilitating a crime.oxytocin levels rise in these cases, which increases our level of trust," she said.An IDCARE study of 583 relationship scam cases reported from 2014 to 2108 across Australia and New Zealand revealed scammers used "specific and highly validating narrative to gently groom the victim into a loved-up state so powerful, they agree to part with money".Ms Malet-Warden said the first indicator was often a victim being asked to move off the dating site onto either Whats App, Viber or Messenger.Another tell-tale sign is if the person starts using "validating, loving, language quickly"."If this happens, think about it.

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The report showed those relationship scams cost more than $21 million over the four-year period, at an average loss of more than $117,000 per event.

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