10 worst dating profiles

“I’M NEW TO THIS”It’s 2019, no one is new to online dating unless you are living under a rock!

Your likability is determined by a few photos and a brief bio that can't be too generic or overly quirky.

These are the general categories most online dating clichés fall into and, I’ll be honest, I’ve been guilty of using several of these since I set up my first online dating profile some 18 years ago.

What you’re trying to say is that your profile is so enticing—and you’re so inundated with suitors—that you can simply sit back and consider your offerings.

You shouldn’t announce your unfamiliarity with online dating.

And for more ways to get your love life back on track, here are The 12 Biggest Dating Profile Blunders Men Make.

For example: “I just signed up and I’m really excited to meet some fun new people!

*bows**collects Oscar*“MUST BE TALL/HANDSOME/RICH”Instead of deterring short, ugly and broke guys, this statement actually deters the very people you are trying to reach because tall, handsome and rich dudes do not want shallow girls. This is a surprisingly common phrase on lots of dating profiles and it seems to suggest that a person is just sick to death of meeting people and is imminently shutting up shop.Translation: “I had it with this soul destroying stuff.""Usually means they are just full of it," commented one dater.Online dating has become a common way to find that someone special or make a few new friends.

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